A sunny Halton provided the backdrop to a hotly contested game in the Premier division. Another victory was needed to keep the Ladies 1s promotion dreams on track.

After a little confusion arriving at Queenswood School, Ladies 2s eventually found the Harpenden team, on a sunny but breezy afternoon for a 3:45pm pushback.

The Ladies 1s travelled to St Albans this week for one of our last games of the season. With our eyes on promotion the pre-match talk focused on tips from training: keep possession and score some goals. Easy!

Ladies 3’s were playing Rickmansworth away and despite four team members loitering outside what they thought was a locked door (it pushed open with a finger!) we all made it to the pitch for Sophie H’s legendary warm up session, in the whirlwind of determination to beat Rickmansworth we forgot Terri’s team bum stretch... which we will all feel that tomorrow!

We were warmed up and ready for the high winds at Tring international sports arena to battle with an over enthusiastic opposition team.