Ladies 4ths waited on tenterhooks until 9.30 to find out if the away match at Luton would go ahead.  We were all ready to go as soon as we got the word. 

We heard the game was on and that Luton were sweeping the pitch. We arrived later than planned to find a pitch still half covered in snow. Luton were clearly determined to play this slip match! After over an hour with some  of us assisting on clearing the pitch we were told it was our call by Luton if we wanted to go ahead with the game. We took a vote and another 20 minutes later the pitch was clear and we started the game. A lot of positive passing and interaction up front directed by Chops saw our young 4's embracing her instruction and making very intelligent passes with lots of attack. The defence however were kept busy with a very balanced two a fro if attack and defence both ways.  Frustrating to end in a draw but that spirit from the young ladies in our 4th team is one they should be immensely proud of.  Fantastic performance from all especially Jenny, Chops, Rebecca and Jo - although we were all frozen it was worth the decision to stay and play.