A grey morning at Halton, Berkhamsted started the game with a 3 minute burst of energy down the right.  Kate sent the ball up to Mel and in true lightning speed ran it down the wing and took an early shot at goal.

By this time Letchworth had settled into their stride and took command of the game. The backs standing their ground against the quick Letchworth balls.  Kelly's instinctive reactions with a 2 on 1 situation saw a great clearance.  Tough tackles from Anne and Debs working the ball to Helen whose feisty challenges were rewarded with a green card! With Sarah being subbed on it was not long before Berkhamsted saw their first goal.  Anneka's assist from the left into Sarah at the penalty spot forced the first goal in.  Berkhamsted had regained their confidence and started to work the ball up the pitch, Steph high up the pitch swept the ball into the D to find Faye who patiently timed her goal, making the score 2 nil up. The second half started with plenty of movement up and down the pitch, Berkhamsted having the upper hand.  Emma couldn't resist a cheeky run-up the pitch (fantasy league points in mind) found Sarah who stole the assist and slotted a pass through to Leanne who scored another beauty! After a flurry of shorts for Berkhamsted saw some great passing across the pitch from Mel to Anneka for her second assist to set-up Leanne's 2nd strike of the day. A great second half, final score 4:0 and a well deserved MoM was won by Leanne with 5 votes.

Finally, congratulations to Helen, so pleased to hear your engagement news with best wishes.