The first game of the season, miles away, against Bishops Stortford at the most unsavoury of times - 4.30pm!

All the ladies were ready and full of energy. The first half we had to push back and fight hard, however they were lucky and got 5 goals. After a quick team talk, water and some cheeky sweets, the 4's were back and were determined to stop those goals! We pretended it was 0-0 and we set out to start again with much more shape and focus. We created some chances and were close to scoring a couple of times, but unfortunately didn't get a goal. Our defence were a lot tighter on the people they were marking and cleared the ball nicely, leading to them only scoring one more goal. All in all, I think we did really well and will learn lots from that game. Things can only get better! Good luck with the wedding next week Kelly, let's do her proud!