They Ladies 1s first match of the season had a positive start with great passing from right to left and switching direction with handy back passes.

Most of the play in their half and the occasional break from Blueharts Nat handled these with ease. 15 mins in and the Berkhamsted defence faced a flurry of shorts all expertly cleared, thanks to the pre-match warm-up!  Some great one-twos down the wings with Mel's signature cross into the D narrowly missing the goal. Blueharts final break just before halftime resulted in their first goal!
The second half Berkhamsted started strong with Anneka taking on the opposition making it into their D and with Alison's runs down the left put the pressure on Blueharts. Berkhamsted were faced with a couple of shorts that couldn't be converted. A quick counter attack on Berkhamsted resulted from a collision with Ann. Ten minutes to go and Blueharts sneaked a second goal after some confusion amongst the defence. Man of the match goes to Maria Izamis.