Ladies 4s had a good match against Welwyn at RAF Halton with Sandra stepping is as captain whilst fair to say Kelly undoubtedly had a day she won’t forget! Congratulations Kelly and Dave, we all hope your honeymoon brings many more magical moments. 

The support pitch side powered us through having possession majority of the game. It was lovely to have Ange pitch side, loading us with positivity all through the match; we look forward to having Ange back on pitch.
Powering on through a shower no goals were scored for either team in the first half, however we fought well to ensure no goals were conceived. Despite several unfortunate misses from Deb W, lovely runs with the ball narrowly missing the goal. Second half we went back fighting harder; very soon in was a nice run from Alice leading to Lara’s first ever goal in a new position!! Very well done Lara, well deserved after all your hard effort throughout the match. Forward a future position perhaps? Unfortunately for us Weyln also scored within the second half. However we didn’t let this affect us and there were some fantastic runs particularly by all the younger players.
Woman of the match match votes are as follows;
Lara x3
Hannah  x3
Debra x 2
Evie x5
Really well done all!