Ladies 2s started yet another game strong with two quick goals, one converted from a short corner by Kate and the second from a lovely finish by Terri.

It was really evident that Saffron Walden weren't getting through with our strong defence (Charlotte, Deb, Babs and Stef) who communicated really well when trying to counter the oppositions 16s.
In the second half, along with some mighty cheering from the sidelines, Berko held their strength and maintained a brilliant performance. Vicky did a brilliant job in goal, not allowing anything to get past. The midfield (Bunni, Alice, Charlie and Lauren) continued to press well, committing to everything, while the forwards (Terri, Molly, Hannah and Kate) offered some brilliant opportunities, one of which resulted in a deflection scored by Kate, with the assist from Lauren. Stunning play for a 3-0 win, WOTM to Deb Walker