On the eve of our match on the 4th November
Came the email from David instructing all to remember:
That if we wanted a win in this week’s report
We’d have to play as a team, work hard and support, 
And make short accurate passes our play foundation
As we rolled out again in our new attacking formation.
A shuffle of positions up front and on the wing
And to centre midfield Megs her composure to bring!
Our captain as ever playing with all of her heart
Always hungry for a win right from the start,
Soon rewarded when Anneke slipped a great pass 
And Sarah neatly put it away showing her centre forward class. 

So one up quite quickly but then work to do
As the opposition stepped up, to give them their due. 
They posted up well and put in some attacks 
But thankfully we have some rock solid backs.
Emma and Maria with Nat in goal 
Rarely looked anything but totally in control!

Playing their socks off Helen and Faye
With Deb sweeping in the middle directing the play. 
Then on came Alice into the mid field mix
Bringing to the game her bag of skilful tricks. 
Ali and Lauren on the left working well  
And with her legendary runs on the right came Mel.

At half time we still had just the one score, 
Battling more in the D was what Sarah asked for. 
Obligingly, soon after the second half start
The midfield and forwards took the defence apart,
Then a beautiful pass from Alice in the D 
Which Steph swept in much to our supporters’ glee. 

Shortly after, Steph returning the favour
Passed to Alice who put us three up, a moment to savour. 
But Luton weren’t finished, they still had some fight  
Scoring an excellent goal from the top with some height. 
In retaliation we were soon back attacking our end 
Alice with the break, Sarah determined our lead to extend!

A strike from a short and Luton had their second
But by then the final whistle was starting to beckon. 
A run of several shorts our defence gave their all 
Everyone working hard to clear out that dangerous ball. 
At full time the score was our four to their two
Our best result yet yippee and woohoo!! 
Everyone worked hard and it was a fun game to play 
We’re feeling more like a team I think we’d all say. 
David thanks for your coaching, we hope we did you proud
And thanks to our supporters who cheered us on so loud:
Rebecca and Jo and others who were there
And to our future opponents, watch out and beware!