Once upon a time on an astro far far away Charlie scored a goal. Terri passed in to the top of the D (quoting Charlie) the defender tried to get it on their reverse but no no no (finger waggle) everyone knows you don't do that.

Charlie stole it. Sadly Broxbourne got a short and scored to equalise and we finished the half on 1-1.
In the 2nd half Broxbourne started strong and quickly got another goal off an unfortunate foot deflection (cough Babs thought she was playing football). Stef did some amazing passes out to the wings to Lana, Kate, Claire and Babs as well as Mari who held the centre well. In the final minute Berko made a strong push and Molly slipped the ball to Terri to score the equaliser. Final score 2-2.
Stef celebrated MoM with a 'grimy' pot noodle (Charlie quote again). The end.
Match Report: Charlotte Dennis

Captains Addendum:
Given that this may very well be a defining moment in our season, I felt the determination and character shown from the whole squad, to never give up until the final whistle was blown, warranted more detail.
Broxbourne played hard and strong throughout. Players from 1’s and 3’s joining us this week quickly found their feet in this ‘ever changing’ squad. The first 15 minutes saw a goal from the ‘ravenous’ goal seeker Charlie Nash, achieved by some good linked hockey along the left side, quickly moving up the pitch beating the Broxbourne defenders, taken into the D, passing back to meet Charlie’s swift strike bringing the first goal of the game. This perhaps gave Berko a false sense of security as it was quickly reciprocated. Broxbourne were awarded a short corner which they duly converted giving them the equalizing goal they yearned for. The score was level. Into the second half good fluidity showed with some slick passing from the defence to midfield to attackers, moving swiftly up the pitch all hungry for a win. However, a second Broxbourne goal, again from a short corner almost witnessed in slow motion put us 2-1 down. Our heads held low, but the added pressure made sure that this did not linger, we played like a team possessed.  Faced with equal possession it made the match extremely competitive. Broxbourne players broke through our defence, giving the dreaded ‘one on one’ with our keeper. Vicky was not going to give up without a fight throwing herself in a determined effort taking a bash to the hip in her efforts to deny the hungry player her glory, she was ‘Vicky Victorious’ with her outstanding effort. The end was unfortunately in sight, some great play with sheer determination coming from Stef who followed the pre-match team talk urging for an attacking game. Her desire to move into an attacking role showed some great hockey, bringing the ball into their 23. Mari holding it together as CM making herself available distributed well. Defence had seen a continuous fight against the confident Broxbourne team, witnessing conceited smiles with every approach. Babs stood her ground, as did Charlotte both winning some super tackles. Ann playing our defensive floater stood her ground beating any threat. Lana took the game to their defenders also taking on board not to stay back and to take the game to the oppo. Molly deciding finally that midfield might be her position after all, played with strength and determination. With the 2 minute signal indicated by the umpire, the Berko side feared all was lost. Molly, with a strong last minute (literally), crashed the ball into the D with a first time strike from Terri to see us level. Well done every single team member who put in a positive 100% and a well earned point.
MOM: Stef Langdon
Goals: Charlie 1 Terri 1