Was an anxious start to the match due to the fab result from last weeks game, we started off making some good runs and some good passes back which gave us room to start attacking down the wings.

First goal came from little mighty power house Steph (name given to by Esther) who ran it down the right wing and took a shot in which Anneka got the rebound.
Coming into the second half we had our two minutes silence for remembrance day. After this everyone raised the pace this is when we scored our second goal, Mel dominated the wing and ran from the 25 to the baseline leaving people in fear who then passed it in to Alice who then flicked it into the back of the goal. Lauren then got us a short corner, instead of the normal straight strike Anneka then passed to Mel on the right who passed it back into Anneka who tapped it in. After the celebrations of the third goal Stevenage stepped it up and scored to make it 3-1. After a few runs and lots of great passing from everyone we managed to bag another short corner where Anneka got a ha ha ha hatrick this made it 4-1 to seal the victory with 5 minutes left to go.
It was a great game but had a few injury’s including Sarah ripping her tendon and Debs twisting her ankle which ballooned up, luckily we had many subs to compensate.