A slightly poorly group of 4’s gathered in the gloom paracetamol and ibruproohen in hand . Symptoms ranged from flu, coughs and sickness plus the usual mid life complaints.

Letchworth on the other hand had 16 young fit sprightly eager girls , looking ready for success whilst warming up. They shone brightly in their yellow kit, our hopes were low and our energy even lower.
Somehow we played amazingly well , and by the end of the first half we were 2-0 up. Fantastic goals from Kelly and Emma with assistance from Lizzie. Sterling work from Evie, Ellie and Jenny in midfield.
Mr and Mrs Ross warned us in our half time team talk that the opposition would come out strong and they did manage to put our defence under a lot of pressure with about 10 Short corners being fired at our sturdy defence - Gail, Sandra, Deb and Katie. Sam was solid as ever in goal but eventually they scored from a loose ball after a corner- 2-1.
Despite the pressure we continued to fight on and still made some great chances but no more goals. The final whistle blew at 2-1 and we finished with chips and peas in the clubhouse to celebrate.
MOTM went to Deb Wetters