Ladies 2’s started off under a lot of pressure from St Neots, but slowly gained our ground with a lot fluid passing from the back to the mid's and clear hits up to the attackers but we just couldn't get the ball in the goal!

The ball was played up and down the pitch for the majority of the game, but we kept our heads high and carried on flighting.
The second half was full of fabulous runs and perfect passing.. but still no sign on a goal from either side. We took a handful of free hits outside of the D with some very strong hits straight in to the D but no one could sadly get their stick on the ball.
With seconds on the clock St Neots claimed a short corner.. The final whistle was blown so the attackers and mids were ready to make it back and the defence were ready.. we thankfully held ourselves and the ball was cleared my Helen.
With a bag full of mixed names for man of the match, Sian took home the majority of votes.
Match Report Hannah Prentice