Ladies 3s arrived at the pitch as darkness was beginning to fall, it was one of the furthest away matches we have had however we were all in good spirits and keen to begin.

St Neots were top of the league yet this did nothing but fuel our enthusiasm for the oncoming game. After a great team talk discussing the possible use of a 1/2 court press as we imagined this would be of use given the fact St Neots had a very strong attack (as had been displayed by their position in the league) . However, as the match begun it was clear Berko ladies 3s were at the top of their game and this would be a much more evenly matched game than had been expected. There was some beautiful passing along the forward line with Emily, Charlotte, Kate and Chops and some beautiful runs by Emily and Charlotte which meant their defence was clearly pressurised by our talented team. Midfielders Sophie, Helen, Emma and Jo were kept busy sprinting up and down the pitch helping out our strong defence when St Neot’s fast attack came back. Both Sophie H and Rebecca marked their players amazingly and their fighting spirit along with some amazing saves from Kelly and clearances from Annamarie meant we came out of the 1st half 0,0. We were all exhausted but Chops’ words of encouragement meant we were all smiling (and knackered!) as we entered the 2nd half but for a moment our guard dropped and despite initially clearing it after what seemed like the 100th short corner of the match St Neots scored. Fortunately this did nothing but motivate us more and we came back stronger, battling on with Emily and Emma sprinting up the right and Charlotte, Sophie L and Rebecca storming the left side. Annamarie was-as always- doing an amazing job as sweeper and her, Kelly, Zoe and the rest of the defence fought well against their attack meaning no further goals were scored. As the final whistle blew it did in no way feel like a loss- we were all ecstatic about the way we played against Top of the league!! Men of the match were Zoe and Rebecca in defence