We met at The Old Mill hopeful for a game, free toast kept us entertained as we awaited a decision re the pitch and then the Feisty Fourteen were off to Hertford.

There are few games that a Captains Team Talk makes more of an impression on a team then it did today. Chops talked us through slow starts to the New Year that she had experienced in her 135 year career at the club and then uttered the immortal awe inspiring phrase “Just go out there and don’t be s**t”. Chops has clearly gone to the Arsene Wegner school of inspirational coaching and it certainly wasn’t lost on us.
With these words echoing in our mind, we all faced Hertford with the same mantra “please don’t let me be the s**t one”. It seemed to inspire us in a way that fitness and training never had and after an initial attack by Hertford we were soon 1-0 up after Emily scored a well deserved goal – her words “well I just pushed it and it went through the goalies legs”. Then the maestro came onto the score sheet – after a beautiful pass by Patricia, Chops received the ball, went round 42 players and got the second goal. Going through the post match statistics she also claimed to have got 14 assists, which from 4 goals I think is pretty amazing!
We went into the second half with a 2-0 lead and then the men’s 2s turned up on the side-line to cheer us on. After a short corner, Rebecca’s shot was stopped on the line by a Hertford foot and our male cheer leaders appealed for a P Flick which was given. Rebecca reluctantly stepped up and shot a rocket of a ball into the top left corner (£5 please Rebecca!).
Kelly then pulled off an amazing save from a short showing she was back to her old best. Emily made some more good runs up the right wing to the baseline but got blown up for leaning in – apparently “no-one puts Emily in the corner”!
There was great play in defence with all five defenders having  a great game. Zoe stoically marked the centre forward who was quite physical and after depositing one of our players off the side-line said “I didn’t barge her, I bounced her, there’s nothing wrong with that”. Sophie H made some runs up the right wing, much to Kelly’s dismay who shouted “get back here Hart, you’re making me nervous”! At the other end of the pitch Sophie L and Charlotte were making some great runs and finally the fourth goal went in after Jo timed a great pass up to Chops who then passed to Charlotte who rounded off a four goal win.
MOM votes were very close between Sophie H and Kelly with Sophie Hart just pipping Kelly.
Match Report – Sophie Hart