The ladies 4s were anxiously waiting to hear if there game was going to go ahead after a hard frost....finally we got the go ahead!

We arrived rearing to go against Stevenage. The game started well but unfortunately Stevenage managed to score early on, there was some great defending from Deb, Ang,Jenny, Lara and Katie.
Helen made some amazing passes and encouraged everyone on the pitch, her insight and determination spurred the youngsters on. Ali who was playing for the first time marked her player superbly.Sam was very busy and made some great saves but unfortunately just before half time Stevenage scored again.
Kelly’s half time talk encouraged us all to try harder in the second half.
The midfield worked tirelessly throughout, Evie had some great runs on the right.
Upfront Lizzie, Sandra, kelly and Becca had a few chances but they didn’t quite make it past the goalie.
The game ended 3-0
MOM went to Ellie Cella for working her socks off!