A wet home match at the Tring International Sports Arena against Welwyn 4s, the ladies 4s went out in spirt and had a cracking game of hockey.

With great availability we had a full squad for the match and were raring to go. Evie, Jennifer, Ellie,and Hannah did some great running in midfield, and Ange, Jenny, Fi and Katie did an incredible job in defence they put together some smart moves and always got the ball further up the pitch for Emily, lizzie, Becca and Sandra to make some goals, where Emily scored a goal where she made some amazing passes and hits. There was some cracking tackles from Lara. Becca in upfront did some great passes, but had a nasty fall but got up and kept going! Sam also made some fantastic saves in goal and kept an eye of everyone around and telling defenders where to be. At 1-0, A half time boost from Ali Katie's mum gave the 4s some tips and key points to think about and to get us fighting and to score another goal. The second half of the match everyone was firm, fixed and determined. In the second half Emily scored another goal!!! but Welwyn made a sneaky break through and scored 2 goals with not long to go till the end of the match. The final score was 2-2 and all had some well deserved jacket potatoes.
The player of the match was Fi, with Hannah 1 vote and Emily 2