The ladies 3's featured in an observed lesson at Bridgewater Primary School this week in the build up to their match at Tring International Sports Arena. Swift Class (6 and 7 year old) and Head Teacher, Mrs Doodson were treated to a selection of videoed interviews with the famous team as they explained the meaning or the New National Curriculum Year 2 grammar.

The class were amused and slightly bemused but the lesson was graded as outstanding. Mrs Doodson was heard to comment, 'Is that Emma Walker?' when out young midfielder graced the camera with such confidence.
The build up to the match also saw Liz Holderness make an impromptu visit to a local sports outlet where she purchased a rather large, new gum shield to help her from making constructive comments to umpires during matches. Liz bravely umpired 2 matches in the freezing arctic conditions at the arena. She was sol cold that Chops (who was playing in goal fore the 2's to help out) had to give a hug at half time to keep her going. It was touch and go whether the brave Liz would make it to our 4.30pm graveyard slot (yes Rebecca, our Vice Captain,  is fixture secretary!) but after a jacket potato and plenty of tea, she donned her new gum shield  to take the field at Halton as a make shift sweeper because Annamarie along with Helen, Emily and of course Chops had helped the 2's to victory earlier in the day. Chops was still permitted to play for the 3's so she resumed in her usual position up front.
Sophie H, was a little bit shocked and stunned to be asked to play in midfield (again) and asked if next time she could be phoned in advance to mentally prepare herself for the match. The Angel of Dudwell need not have worried as she later went on to assist a goal, we will cover this in all its glory later in this report.
We welcomed Emily Hogan into the team and what a player she is, the match was just 2 and a half minutes in (thanks Deb Walker) when she calmly strolled into the D and struck a shot with such velocity that the opposition keeper was heard to exclaim 'where did that come from?' - Where indeed....welcome to the team Emily.  Berko continued to press and Chops played a ball into the D for Charlotte to add a second before also assisting Emily with her second with a gently slip from a short corner. Emily was soon to get her first international hatrick of her short Berko career, when a neat short corner routine led to her smashing the ball home. 4-0 at the interval. Chops was happy and Sarah Brydon, who didn't need to make a save in the first half thanks to the efforts of her fabulous defence (Liz, Zoe, Patricia and RW) was full of praise for team.
Chops decided to have a rest at the start of the second half (she is 50 this year) and watch in awe from the sideline as Kate sped down the win and crossed for Emma to get a deserved goal. Emily then added her 4th goal after the amazing interplay that saw Sophie H galloping into the D and playing an inch perfect pass for Emily to convert. Two magnificent passes in two weeks for Mrs Hart from midfield. Chops was feeling a little deflated as we were 6-0 up and she hadn't scored and had only assisted 2 - but that was soon remedied when Emily (who listens to instructions very well) played a stunning pass into the D and Chops deftly deflected it into the net. This received praise from David Wells after the match so it must have been ok. The final goal also came from Chops after Charlotte battled hard in the D and Chops struck it home.
A magnificent 8-0 win, everyone was amazing, and Jo Fisher deserves a mention as she always has a solid game but rarely get player of the match votes. She bravely stepped into Liz's sweeper shoes after Liz felt her calf twinge to ensure we kept that clean sheet. Well done Jo.
Player of the match with 10 votes was the amazing Emily.