The Ladies 2 were set for a hard game against St Neots at Halton this Saturday, especially with a few players being unwell but determined to play.

The game started with lots of quick passes and some good defending. We were able to get a short corner early on however we were unable to convert this into a goal. St Neot’s came back even harder and were soon putting pressure on our defence. A short corner was awarded against us but luckily the strike was above the back board so the goal was disallowed. Some lovely passing was made up the wings by Bunni, Esme, Lauren and Babs with Mari and Charlie support well in the middle of the field. Unfortunately, St Neot’s were able to bring it back to our defensive D. Nat made some good saves with support from the defence (Stef, Lana, Babs and Charlotte). St Neots had some scrappy play near the goal but were unable to convert it into a goal. At half term the score was 0-0.
In the second half, Berko held their own better with Clare and Terri getting some good passes in around the attacking D but we were unable to get it into the back of the goal. Berko fought hard but St Neot’s continued to put pressure on the defensive D. With solid marking and good team play we were able to keep the score 0-0.

Captains Note:
The game was most definitely our hardest so far this season, from beginning to end a challenge both physically and mentally. St Neot’s were noticeably rattled and played an aggressive attacking game, our defence were solid and attempts by midfield and attackers to get into their ‘D’ were met by an equally strong St Neot’s defence. Every player put 100% in, we showed sheer determination and fought back hard. A point was rewarded with a 0-0 draw, very proud of the Ladies 2’s who showed such tenacity and strength. Berko’s support from the stands was most welcomed, especially with being such a feisty game – ‘Mexican Waves’ included, thanks guys!
MOM should go to all, but Stef takes the title with her outstanding defending.