Using the time wisely while the minor problem of no key to the locked pitch was being resolved, we were quick to start warming up.

Just minutes in the team were benefiting from Hannah’s very fast legs, resulting in amazing run along right side of the pitch into D by Kelly before taking the well deserved lead - 1-0 up. Our spirits were high and pressed for majority of the first half with the upper hand. Unfortunately Leighton buzzard was quick to jump on the opportunity of breakaway from attack to score a goal minutes before half time. The score was 1-1 and this was maintained throughout. Second half was balanced game running from end to end.
Defence was well marshalled from Debs as sweeper with some amazing goal prevention from katie, leading to her too receiving a few mention in MVP. Not to forget the massive efforts from Sam in goal or great runs in mid from both Ellie and Jenny (also resulting in some applaudable votes). Very well played by all. Despite Jason’s high hopes to be most voted player this week it went to Evie for her save in the short corner against us in the final seconds that could have scored the winning goal for Leighton.