Berkos Ladies 1s played top of the league in a must win match for both teams.

During the 1st half, Berko pushed hard against a confident Welwyn (they even took a photo before hand!) being unlucky to put away the first goal. Welwyn scores a lucky goal from a break but Berko jumped straight back managing to convert a short corner from a slip strike from Emily! Going into the second half heads were high but Welwyn push back much harder! The whole team were within our half trying hard to keep goals out and ‘parking the veritable bus!’. Marking was amazing with tactics from Emma completely marking out no. 4. Mel stayed high throughout the second half and an amazing through ball from Anne made it a counter attack. Mel ran round a couple players to make it one on one with the goalie, she slipped it under the goalies arm making it 2-1!! The goal was scored with 2 minutes to go and as a whole team effort we held off the desperate Welywn. Overall amazing team effort and a really great win :)