On a disgustingly miserable (Perfect hockey conditions according to the rest of the team) spring morning, the ladies 2’s rocked up to the International Stadium of Tring ready and pumped for a good game of jolly hockey sticks.

The whistle blew and we were ready to play hard, positive hockey. Our possession and passing was on point this weekend. With the midfield pressing hard and supporting the forwards Tashie managed to slot our first goal into the back of the net. Having the energy from the first goal running through our veins we pressed even harder. The mids, consisting of Lauren, Bunni, Clare and Mari kept the ball from finding its way through to the defenders. Using back passing and the wings, the ball found its way to Tashie again who smashed her second goal home!! We were elated! Our positive energy was incredible, Kelly’s calling from the goal encouraged the defenders to step up and keep their forwards out of the D. Letchworth had a few breaks but Babs, Stef and Kate kept them from gaining any glory! Another quick break from Tashie saw her smash home her 3RD goal!!!! Huge cheers from the sideline from our parents and ladies 3’s kept our spirits soaring. With this added fuel Clare smashed a screamer home taking us 4-0 into the end of the half.
A positive half time talk from El Capitano Terri saw that fire in our belly grow even more...who knew we had this feisty side to us!
To start the second half, we saw our heads drop a lot of tired poppets on the pitch, this did not go down well with Stef. A lot of screaming and shouting from her behalf saw the girls pull their socks up and get back into the spirit of the game. With some prefect triangle passes and strong passing we managed to get another Tashie goal...4 goals, she is a hero!!! A few defensive shorts gave the defenders some work, but they worked hard and kept the ball from going past the line. Hannah not wanting to be outdone by anyone slotted home 2 spectacular shots. This really helped to improve our game play and showed how well we have worked as a team in this game. Even in the dying minutes of the game we refused to let up, a short corner was given as the final whistle blew. A strong injection in to Terri at the top of the D saw her strike it but their keeper kicked it away, Stef not wanting the game to end threw herself to the ball and passed it back to Mari who saw us ending the game with an incredible 8-0 win.
Girl of the game was a difficult call this week with everyone putting in 100%, but Mari just nipped it off of Charlie for her fantastic commitment and strong passing throughout. There was not many negatives to come from this game but a bundle full of positives. A very happy captain walked off the pitch with the biggest grin on her face, now 3 more games to go to see if we can seal that promotion. Here’s to the end of our season...cheers!
Girl of the game: Mari
Match report: Stef