Last game of the season, being nearly into the Summer, availability was poor.
Fortunately, some willing helpers joined the ranks to get us through this last battle.
It was day two of our back to back, double whammy, hockey weekend, and boy did some of us know it.

Being an early game, gave little recovery time, not even 24 hours.
Some players arrived not as spritely as normal, fortunately some fresh blood meant we were still in with a chance.
Playing hockey in the wind, rain and snow is no fun, playing hockey on a hot day is not much fun either.
With a fantastic array of Berko supporters on the sideline, this gave us the additional boost to reward their efforts with what would ‘hopefully’ be an enjoyable game to watch.
The game started with some strong hockey played by both sides and it was clear that this was going to be a fight to the end.
Being a small squad, with only one sub, unfortunately after 2 minutes with a very nasty injury, (speedy recovery lovely), we were down to no subs.
Our worst nightmare had become a reality!
The 11 players hoping for a stroll in the park, were now going to have to play 68 minutes of extremely hard, and very hot hockey.
Some tremendous saves from both keepers kept both teams in the game and even the best efforts that the keeper missed, were saved by our committed defenders.
The passing and moving at times was reminiscent of a team that had played together for many years. Incredible when you think that 50% of the team had never played together before.
But then in the second half another blow was struck, as we received an additional injury taking our already severely flagging squad down to 10.
A short recovery period fortunately brought us back up to 11, but those 5 painful minutes put unwanted added pressure onto a struggling side.
However, midfield continued to play like tenacious whippets, working like dogs in the unforgiving heat.
The attackers were not lacking effort at all for their continuous attempts to get it into the D with some fabulous attempts on goal.
Defence battled through, and always amaze me with some of the unbelievable saves that they deliver.
Team work simply excelled today.
As a Captain I have to say, nicking it in the last few seconds would have been fabulous (which we nearly did), but in truth a draw was a fair result.
It simply wasn’t our day for a win today, the whole squad put their heart and soul into the biggest fight of the season.
Well done ladies for today’s performance, and well done to all my ‘lovely ladies’ who have played for the 2’s, you should all be really proud of yourselves!
Also wishing all those who are leaving us for University life the best of luck, we miss you already!
Over and Out for another Season….
MOM: Wide spread of votes going to Kate J, Becca, Vicky, Terri and Alison but our last MOM for the season goes to the young Emily Alderson!
Match Report: Terri Payton