We welcomed back 2 originals, debs and Ali as well as introducing Robyn to our team.

With 2 sideline supporters rooting for us whites, Debs W and Andy
But they didn’t stop the 2 green cards from Mary and Evie.
Ali the interceptor Arber playing 2 positions acted as both sweeper and goalie did however stop the balls coming her way, all bar one that snuck in and hit the back board. But tremendous efforts keeping the ball out on her behalf as well as the line of defence consisting of Trish, Debs, Robyn.
2 willing helpers, Mary and Rebecca, bringing us up to 10 players, already at a slight disadvantage not to mention the somewhat biased umpires but we didn’t let this phase us.
The votes for women of the match certainly reflected the excellent play by all with 2 votes to Jennifer who ran her socks off all match, 2 to Mary, 1 for Robyn, fi and Ali. With woman of the match going to Evie.