The ladies 4s assembled shivering in the driving rain to await their game against a newly formed Tring 3's.  Introductions were made welcoming Florence and Madeleine into our squad and a very welcome returning Ellie Fido. 

We were lucky enough to have some experience in the team and Jo Fisher kindly went in goal.  Tring came out hard and the first half was dominated by short corners against us - an onslaught from Tring was kept at bay by our defence with newcomer Robyn sweeping up everything in her sight.  Tring finally scored but we came back with some great play in mid field and lovely long balls into our forwards but sadly we were unable to convert.  We were 1-0 down at half time, still up for the fight and gave a really good performance in the second half, we were however hindered by the onslaught of short corners given against us which inevitably resulted in  3 more goals for Tring.  Some lovely play in mid field from Ellie C , Ophelia and Evie who battled throughout, Ophelia was very deservedly and convincingly man of the match with 7 votes - other votes for Robyn who really did keep it all together at the back, enabling us all to do our jobs and votes for both Ellies.  A fairer score line would have been 1 -0 as the second half goals were not great goals at all and a mixture of poor luck and interesting umpiring.  Possibly one of the tougher games we will face in this league and we responded well, we will hope to have our revenge at the rematch.