The Ladies 2s were in for a soggy match on Saturday, but the weather didn't dampen our spirits.

After a few minutes of settling into the game, our tackling and passes surpassed that of the opposition and we spent the majority of the first half in their territory. The forwards did very well to win a number short corners, which we initially weren't able to convert. The half ended 0-0 and our half-time talk only made us more determined, as we didn't want Letchworth to get a lucky goal through us. The defensive players worked hard, with Helen winning the balls off of their forwards left, right and centre. With Anne-Marie clearing them. Our confidence and calmness on the ball eventually lead to goals. With a first goal coming from the top of the D from a short corner from Mari straight into the left hand corner. This quickly followed by another, also from a short, where a slip back to Ali got us our second. Our third goal came late in the second half where another short corner strike from the top D form Mari solidified our win. A great all-round performance from the team with drills from the previous training session making significant appearances, with strong baseline runs from Emma W and Ali. The game ended 3-0 with MoM going to Mari.