The Ladies 3 were at home at Tring, the weather was glorious and we were very keen to keep up the winning run.

In the first half Berko started strong and made lots of breaks through the Bedford defence, creating many shots on goal from Charlotte, Terri, Kate and Laura. Trying a variety of different short corner routines put more pressure on Bedford's defense, but sadly, all were saved by their '12 year old' county playing goalkeeper.
In the second half, Bedford put the pressure on and tested our defence. We weren't giving up and the midfield and forwards stormed ahead, but were met by a tough defence. With a few minutes to go it became a nail biting end, when Bedford were awarded a couple of short corners. With Kelly back in goal and Zoe, Chops, Sophie, Jo and Kate G supporting her, there was no chance of any goals being conceded today. Final score 0-0.
Votes for MOM were spread across the team which reflected the fantastic team effort. MOM votes to Hannah, Rosie, Zoe, Laura and Kelly with Sophie Lawrance receiving the most votes.