Ladies 2s we’re ready and raring to go on saturday morning.. However on arrival to trings pitch, we were faced with the possibility of our game being cancelled due to flooding.

Bunni’s team talk motivated us to get moving and ready for the decision of the umpires. Final conclusion was that the game was to be played, at the oppositions dismay; they didn’t have a goalie.
We started strong and distributed the ball around, pushing forward we were given a free hit inside the 25’. Taken by Ellie, hit to Mari and taped into the top of the D, where she slapped it between the defenders stick and the goal. 1-0 up and 5 minutes in we continued to put pressure on there defence. With Zoe sweeping we again had another break through to the right wing- this time to the right. Emma drove it up the wing and slapped it to the P spot, again to Mari who took another shot, deflected by there stick which bounced back onto Emma’s. A perfect opportunity for a goal- flicked between the defenders legs.
We were now 2-0 up and we’re desperate for any other goals. Three short corners later and this was another option for a goal, using what we had learnt in training. A strong injection and an attempted hit from Charlie, the ball was coming towards Bunni who, very skilfully, slipped it behind there player on the line. However in celebration of this amazing goal she landed badly and hurt her calf. With many on the sideline wondering what had happened, we were nervous to see if she was going to be able to continue. Sadly Bunni’s injury has resulted in her leg in a cast, all best wishes.
Nevertheless our amazing captain stayed for the duration of our game to support our success!
Now a sub down the superstars: Hannah and Ellie, who were on the wing played the ball around and passed it to Charlie who made an excellent lead run, and a hit from the top of the D, resulting in another goal, and a rather furious oppo.
To there dismay the attack kept pushing. An interception from there pushback by Emma led to a run, couple of v-drags and a slap: to the bottom corner of the goal.
Half time team talk from our captain ensured we still maintained the effort.
 All of the defence kept them out of our defensive 25’ most of the game. Excellent work from Helen Savage tracking her playing and hit outs from Anne ment that our team stayed on top. The fabulous clean sheet (that boosts there fantasy points) kept Babs spirit high! With her player who was exceedingly fast, she got in front and passed the ball to Hannah W, who then had a shot on goal! Hannah P picked up the ball and beautifully placed into the bottom right corner! And that wasn’t it... Hannah P got the ball again and powerfully pushed it into the D again, running onto it again she then Hit it into the goal with the backup of the team.
 Throughout the game Lauren was constantly on it and enabling chances at goal, this time to Alison, who undercut her shot and it swooped above the defenders head. With now about 5 mins left of the game we were hanging on to a clean sheet and Nat continued to impress with her communication from goal, and her amazing saves she made on saturday!
Finally Charlie was thriving for her second... a piece of openplay from a 16’ hit out was her chance. the ball was perfectly placed on the end of her stick and she smacked it in... 9-0!!
M.O.M quite rightfully went to Zoe for holding up the clean-sheet and passing around the back to enable space!
Well done to everyone who played on Saturday and also who supported! True determination girls!!!
Match report: Emma