Dina started off Saturday's game at Halton whilst the rest of the Ladies 1s warmed up at Tring! Luckily she made it in time and we started the game strong, but Welwyn managed to trickle one in.

Vicky fended off further shots despite a dodgy back, with Emma and Annie foiling Welwyn's breaks. Helen and Meg charged up the line - Meg even found herself in the attacking D at one point, much to her confusion! Faye, Steph and Pip kept up the pace with attacking runs from the mid, with the forward line pacing the opposition defence.
Sarah, Rosie, Abi and Ali put pressure on the keeper, but the right post remained elusive. Despite a run of short corners, we couldn't pull the score line back. But there was lots to be proud of in the game and from the first half of the season - onwards to 2019!