Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead Ladies 1s woke up to an extremely windy and rainy day. Definitely not the weather that we wanted to play hockey in.

Fortunately, by the time we arrived at Tring, the rain had cleared and the sun came out. We were playing Bishop Stortford Ladies 2s who were only 3 points behind us in the table.
The match mirrored the weather for the morning, starting off in the first five minutes flustered and weak, with Bishop Stortford dominating. Thankfully after the first five minutes, just as the rain had cleared so did the below standard hockey, and from then on the Ladies 1s played their usual lovely hockey.
The first half was an exciting half for the spectators as Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead scored three goals.
The first goal came from a drive from Rosie followed by a cross into the D to Emily. Emily was positioned on the left post for a lovely slip into the goal.
The second started with another drive from Rosie, in from the right, who passed it to Sarah, standing toe-to-toe with the goalie. Sarah neatly manoeuvred the ball past the goalie and into the goal.
After working on our short corners at training the we were keen to convert one. We had a few opportunities in the first half and although the third goal wasn’t a set short corner routine, we can claim that the goal came due to the short. The defenders cleared the ball from the D after the short had been taken. Harriette chased the ball down with determination and then smacked it into the D to Steph who showed great skill and hooked the ball, on her reverse, into the goal.
A 3-0 win for the first half!
The second half started strong with another goal. This was goal came from a fab team effort. Starting at the back with a lovely one-two between Steph and Rosie who then passed it up the line to Harriette. Harriette passed the ball to Sarah in the D. Sarah took the ball around the keeper and scored again!
For majority of the second half the Ladies 1s focused their energy on scoring another goal and had multiple chances.
We gave away a short corner half way through the second half. The usual defenders of a short were not all on the pitch, much to Abi’s horror as she had to go back and defend her first short. Thankfully the defence took their time to explain what she had to do and the defence managed to clear the ball from the D.
As the second half drew to a close the Ladies 1s lost their energy a little and as a result Bishop Stortford had a break. Despite some excellent tracking back from Megan and Emma, the ball made it to their high forward who took a successful shot at goal. Just after this goal the final whistle went.
A 4-1 victory to Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.
Dummy of the day was awarded to Ali for leaving the game early to catch a train. The clown of the game was Sarah for shouting at Dina during the game. Stroppy knickers were awarded to Dina for having a word with the oppositions coach and questioning the stats analysis on WhatsApp. Man of the match was Abi although there were lots of votes for others in the team. A great effort from everyone!