We were warmed up and ready for the high winds at Tring international sports arena to battle with an over enthusiastic opposition team.

They soon opened up the score sheet as the ball was lifted in from a short corner so no clean sheet today, just before  half time we had a few extra defenders slide on to the pitch as the corner masks blew on to the pitch of their own accord as back up.  We went in to half time  regrouped  and motivated to keep our cool  and keep battling on in the second half. We had more runs up the pitch with short corners at  both  ends. We were  unlucky not to score  today  coming away  with  a 0.4 loss this does not reflect how well  we played though the games challenges. Man of the match  was Lauren. Thanks to umpires and the ladies 3 team  supporting  on the side line. Match report by Sam Pavlik