The Ladies 1s travelled to St Albans this week for one of our last games of the season. With our eyes on promotion the pre-match talk focused on tips from training: keep possession and score some goals. Easy!

Unfortunately it was a late start at 4pmin the middle of some sort of tropical storm. Not quite the weather we were hoping for, especially when we nearly lost Steph to the wind. We started off well, however, with some lovely passing across the back and up the wing. Within the first 10 minutes the ball reached Sarah, after a pass into the D from Pip, who was standing right on the goalie where she deftly slipped it into the net. 1-0.
Keeping our heads together we continued to fight and attack up front with a number of shots on goal from Emily and Ali. Before long Sarah found herself in front of the goalie once again, following some lovely attacking runs from Steph, Abi, Maria and Pip in midfield. 2-0.
The opposition continued to battle strongly and were not going to let us run away with it. However, our defenders Emma, Helen, Faye and Meg made some fantastic tackles (and man marking) to ensure the ball made very few entries into our defending D.
After some stick-to-stick passing up the pitch through midfield Rosie passed it out wide to Steph who then passed it up to Sarah on the right wing. A fantastic cross from Sarah saw Emily pick the ball up on the penalty spot from where she slotted it neatly past the goalie. 3-0.
Unfortunately the final moments of the first half saw us concede our only goal. With everyone tiring at the end of the half, St Albans took their chance with a well taken shot into the left bottom corner of the goal. 3-1.
Heads high, we went back out after half time. The second half saw much of the same; lovely stick-to-stick passing and runs up the wing. We saw some fantastic leading runs from Abi, Faye and Steph creating lots of chances up front.
Once again we found ourselves faced with a number of short corners, somewhat of a nemesis for us this season. We tried a number of different routines but finally scored after a beautiful stop from Emily at the top of the D, a strike from Rosie bouncing off the post which was picked up by Pip who confidently hit it into the back of the goal! 4-1.
Dummy of the day was awarded to Helen, who somehow managed to forget to take her stick onto the pitch at the start of the game. Clown was awarded to Rosie for leaving her home shirt on the kitchen table (after specifically lying it out ready to take!!). Stroppy knickers was awarded to Abi for subbing herself thinking she wasn’t playing well (in fact it was the complete opposite – she had a great game). MOM voting saw 3 votes each for Megan, Faye and Sarah with 6 votes for Steph for a fantastic attacking game and some beautiful passing!
Onwards and upwards to the final two games!