Ladies 3’s were playing Rickmansworth away and despite four team members loitering outside what they thought was a locked door (it pushed open with a finger!) we all made it to the pitch for Sophie H’s legendary warm up session, in the whirlwind of determination to beat Rickmansworth we forgot Terri’s team bum stretch... which we will all feel that tomorrow!

Our line-up was strong, across the back Sophie H, Helen and Rebecca with Liz sweeping and Chops in goal. Laura, Ellie and Rosey across the midfield and Kate H, Terri and Charlotte on the forward line. Super rolling sub for the midfield and forward was Jo! Special mention to Sophie L and Sam who travelled to support the team!
The first half was tense, both teams playing extremely well. We started the goal scoring with Terri planting a superb straight strike from a short corner! Not wanting to get cocky we took the 0-0 mentality and played hard. Rickmansworth only stole 2 goals before the end of the first half despite a number of short corners and breakthroughs from their super speedy midfield. Our defensive line was holding strong!
We started the second half gunning for another goal to equalise Rickmansworth’s 2-1 lead! A slight change in the line up now with Jo in right midfield and Laura off due to illness … meaning no subs, we were in for a hard half. The pressure was starting to mount on Liz and Rebecca with both getting cards for speaking out of turn towards the umpire, tut tut ladies!
Following Rebecca’s card, Rickmansworth made a break down her now open side, they looked to square the pass, Chops moved out to narrow the angle. Meanwhile Sophie H was out numbered, the hunger for a goal glistened in her eyes, if it’s going in, it’s going to be me! The ball flew past Chops and Sophie lunged her stick, sliding the ball in to the goal with millimetres to spare… damn!
Charlotte, Terri and Kate H had some amazing upfront breaks, which were complimented by the opposition. Another cracking short corner strike from Terri took us to 2 goals, they had cottoned on by the third short which was unlucky for us.
All in all, despite the 4-2 loss it was a superb final match, with some of our best play this season! Shock alert – Chops celebrated with a well-earned shandy! Player of the match went to Rosey with votes for Charlotte and Jo. Here’s to promotion next year!