A sunny Halton provided the backdrop to a hotly contested game in the Premier division. Another victory was needed to keep the Ladies 1s promotion dreams on track.

Fay’s fantastic enthusiasm and focus ensured the girls were ready from the first whistle.
Berko started well and dominated the possession. There were some fantastic passages of play between Emma , Meg and Helen , switching the ball around the back and down the wings . Quick passing and dynamic movement in midfield ensured the Potters Bar ‘D’ was put under pressure from the start .
Berkhamsted were keen to convert their dominance into a goal . Their D was packed with white . An excellent shot from Sarah was saved and deflected high by the keeper . As always a tenacious Sarah played on and hit the ball into the net, sadly the umpire had already blown for a short corner for a previous offence. A few minutes later Abi broke through midfield , pivoted and let off a superb strike on goal only for it to be saved on the post by Sarah . So so  so close to a goal .  Clown of the day to Sarah for saving Abi’s goal. 
Potters Bar were certainly the quickest and fittest team we had played . Rosie worked tirelessly in midfield to keep their centre-mid from creating any play. Steph and Abi were  not going to afford their players any time on the ball either .
Emma’s speed and stick skills were tested thanks to a hospital ball from Fay . ( Dummy of the Day I’m afraid Fay). Emma was not going to give away possession and she kept a level head to hold onto the ball and give a well timed pass .
As several short corners came and went half time arrived with no score for our efforts . Dina , however was full of praise for Berkhamsted’s skills and desire to win.
Despite Maria running onto the pitch with Ali’s stick she proved she had been listening in training . Dina was delighted to see a cool Maria drive down the left wing and along the back line with an open stick to cross the ball to the ‘P’ spot. Teacher’s pet award for Maria .
Potter Bar utilised their speed on the wings in the second half and were awarded with a short corner . A confident Meg was quick to the ball and cleared it cleanly out of the defence . The Halton crowd cheered .   Our defence was solid .
Temperatures rose in the spring air as Berkhamsted battled away in the second half. Abi won this weeks stroppy pants for shouting “ it hit my wrist , not my foot!!” at the umpire when a decision went the oppo’s  way.  “ Play on “shouted Fay . Abi went on to combine well with best buddy Harri and fellow youngster Emily with their superb skills creating scoring chances in the D.
There was 5 minutes to go . A well timed pass from player of the match Meg ( with 14 votes !!!) found a darting Rosie . Despite being surrounded by Potters Bar’s players, Rosie progressed into the D , spun 270 degrees and swept the ball to the left post to be deflected into the goal by Ali . We scored !! The crowd went wild .
Dina yelled “ keep possession “ continually for last 4 minutes  and thankfully we did . 3 points in the bag and a clean sheet .
So it’s all about next week . Don’t forget your lucky top Vicky ! We need to win or draw against our promotion rivals Hertford in our last game of the season . “ Let’s smash it” as Captain Fay would say .  That trophy is ours for the taking .
Special thanks to Jill for fantastic photos of this ‘hot’ game and to our cool headed umpires.