Third game in and the Ladies 1s were ready to build on the lessons of the previous games; we were raring to go.

Sure enough, barely 5 mins after the first push back, we scored! A square cross in from Abi, chipped over the line by Becca. Our first goal of the season, great stuff.

No sooner had we restarted play and Waltham counter attacked, winning their own short corner. It was 1-1. Berko continued building attacks with triangles out of defence from Jo to Meg and Emily. Waltham fought back with counter efforts, Vicky made some superb saves supporter by solid tackles from Emma and Deb in defence. 

Waltham won another short corner, scoring again. Despite Berkhamsted’s best efforts - a goal off a short was disallowed for being outside the D - we finished the first half 2-1 down. 

We came out strong in the second half, Waltham Forest were rattled by our intensity. Berko were relentless in their attacks from midfield, Abi and Faye linked up with Ellie and Emma who drove on goal. Sarah kept hassling the keeper, looking for that deflection. Meg secured a short corner in the final minutes of the game, but that second goal remained elusive. 

Deb earned a well deserved MoM for her tireless efforts in defence, the whole team should be proud of their performance. Onwards and upwards!