It was a clear day at the beach, a tricky start with Liz injured and Jenny stuck with a cat-astrophy.

It was foot heavy from both teams with laughter and tears. Jenny, Maddie, Nicki and Jo on the back, Rosey, Ellie and Izzy taking up the middle with Flo, Kate G and Laura across the front. Liz was our super sub playing where she could despite her injury great work Liz!

Ended the first half with a hard fought nil-nil. Went in to the second half strong but sadly came 1 goal down which dampened spirits and ultimately lost another 2 to short corners ending in an unfortunate 0-3 loss.

Everyone played their hardest with man of the match votes going to Rosey, Jo, Nicki and Izzy, with it ending in a tie between Nicki and Izzy.