A slightly poorly group of 4’s gathered in the gloom paracetamol and ibruproohen in hand . Symptoms ranged from flu, coughs and sickness plus the usual mid life complaints.

There was no pressure on the L3s who had the last game of the day in the ladies section, following an awesome day of 3 wins out of 3 played so far.

Was an anxious start to the match due to the fab result from last weeks game, we started off making some good runs and some good passes back which gave us room to start attacking down the wings.

Ladies 4s saw a well-deserved 2-1 win yesterday against Chiltern 3s.  Although the team was short of several regular players, a couple of the 3s whose game was after stepped in to give us some help (thank you!).

On a cold Saturday morning, the ladies 2’s started their game with a minutes silence to pay their respects to the fallen.