The 'invincible' ladies 3's continues their unbeaten start to the season with a stunning 8-2 win away at Potters bar on Saturday.

The Ladies 1s travelled to Broxbourne for their first cup game of the season. In the first five minutes it looked as though it was going to be a tough game, as the opposition played the ball around and looked very threatening.

The Ladies 2s arrived at ‘The Battle of Blueharts’ in the pouring rain on a dark and dreary Saturday afternoon.

The Ladies 1s had a close encounter with Blueharts on a delightfully sunny Saturday morning. Having been supplied with flapjacks for energy, the team started with a bang.

On 10th November we met up to play a match against Bedford.  We started out strong and with lots of courage; everyone was playing well and we were trying to keep the opposition away from our goal and we did that with quite a lot of success.