Ladies 1s faced the blueharts in an epic battle that left the spectators and the team wanting more.

The Ladies 3s rocked up to the Tring International Sports Center filled with enthusiasm and energy for the oncoming game... However, we were under no illusions that this would be an easy game; Rickmansworth was a notoriously strong team and despite Berko being higher in the league our usual superb performance had been somewhat erratic in the past when playing Ricky!

Helen's thorough warm-up was exactly what we needed on such a dismal freezing afternoon, focussing our anticipation and eagerness for a win!

It was a cold and bitter morning with heavy gusts of winds on the hockey pitch at Luton.

The fire in our bellies had been severely reduced to embers by the revelation of this Saturday’s availability. We had been hit hard by the sudden appearance of half term, springing upon us like a coiled Tiger ready to take down its prey!