Ladies 3rd’s drew an icy battle, both on and off pitch
It was a “déjà vu” moment arriving at the arctic West Herts pitch in Watford.

On a cold and very wet Saturday afternoon the ladies 1s were keen to get started and get warm!

The ladies 3's ventured north to Meadowcroft, the whatsapp group had been dinging all morning with talk of tuna and who would pick up Fi. And so we were all suitably pumped up, and ready for the age-old challenge of working out what colour lines to play to...

Ladies 2’s started off under a lot of pressure from St Neots, but slowly gained our ground with a lot fluid passing from the back to the mid's and clear hits up to the attackers but we just couldn't get the ball in the goal!

A slightly poorly group of 4’s gathered in the gloom paracetamol and ibruproohen in hand . Symptoms ranged from flu, coughs and sickness plus the usual mid life complaints.