It was a winner takes all match and the ladies 3’s were well prepared for their penultimate match of the season against Stevenage.

Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead Ladies 1s woke up to an extremely windy and rainy day. Definitely not the weather that we wanted to play hockey in.

"Brace Brace" Ladies 3s win 2-0 vs Broxbourne
The ladies 3s met at the customary Old Mill where the question was answered as to how many teachers does it take to add up to 13 - the answer is more than 3 as Jo reached for her calculator.

The ladies 2's arrived at Hatfield to play against Welwyn. The wind was so strong that we were able to create a new team member stuck to the fence, who unfortunately turn out to be pretty poor at hockey.

Ladies 1s travelled to Blueharts for their first game back after what felt like a very long half term break. With our eyes on promotion, captain Faye’s pre match team talk was fairly clear – get the win, take the points , stay top of the table... “Simples” – or maybe not!