It had been 7 weeks since we had played a competitive match and it showed! Very little hockey was played by the Berko side in the first 10 minutes of the game and then we were awarded a short which Dawood smacked into the back board.

The game continued in rather a scrappy way until St Albans drew level before half time. Ed was his usual shy retiring self during the team talk and left us in no doubt that improvement in every aspect of our play was needed.
Unfortunately the level of improvement that was required was not achievable on this occasion and while there were moments when we threatened their D, there was no sustained pressure and they were always dangerous on the break. This ultimately led to a hit being awarded outside the 23 which then appeared to be taken from on the line and was deflected into the goal. Much dispute followed, but the goal stood and this was the final score of the game. Mention should certainly be made of Mark in goal who the opposition volunteered as our man of the match – he did indeed make some fine saves, including a wonderful reflex nudge round the post. However, this was not enough to get him the MOM award which went to Tom who was playing well up front and showed some really great control receiving often very difficult balls.
We’ll put this one down to the Xmas break, but need to revert to pre-Xmas form quickly. As Ed reminded us, there is always training on Monday night….