Stevenage 3 Berko 1

Men's 3's played Stevenage 2's, lost 3-1. The mighty eleven ventured to Stevenage for a 1 o'clock start having Redman 'dropping out' of illness and Hanwell for 'work'.
At the start of the play, knowing that there were no subs, we were conserved.

But play soon opened up for the opposition and from some rapid passing they slotted one in the corner out of the reach of Johnson. Soon, our Captain for the day (Alderson), decided to have a short 2 minute break because he was getting tired. While he was on vacation, the play of the opposition managed to nudge another in our net.
Having the extra player back on the pitch, play built up and was looking promising. The ball was passed to Godsell at the top of the D, who dribbled his way passed 3 defenders, around the keeper for an easy tap in for Tom Walker, Godsell claiming the assist. The last goal of the half was an odd one, some say it was an own goal but Mark would disagree. The opposition passed a long ball down to a forward and missed. So as he would normally, lifting up one leg and gracefully strolled away. The ball however hitting the post, rolled along the line and now a long lasting battle formed between Mark and their forward but defeated again the ball trickled into the goal to make it 3-1 to Stevenage.
The second half started and like the end of the first Nigel, Charlie and Rik distributing well from the back with Peachy senior and Dubenski running up the right. Work rate in this half was tonnes better and everyone worked hard to get back and defend. Robbo and  Freddie calling from the top constantly for the ball. No further goals in this half but Berko defended well again. Full time whistle went and the score finished on a 3-1 loss.
M-O-M: Godsell
Scorers: Walker