This was a strange old game, if our stats were tracked by the Opta, we would have had 90% possession, the action areas would have been 2% our D, 8% our half, 80% their half, 10% their D, I’m not sure the heat maps would have shown too much movement apart from our youngsters who were constantly putting themselves about the pitch causing problems for the opposition.

How we went in 2-0 down at half time is difficult to explain, but they had 2 attacks from which they scored both times, we had multitudinous attacks which we could convert none of!
We knew we could get back into it, so started the 2nd half strongly, then it happened, goal 1, Iwan Roberts was on hand to knock in a ball that found its way to the back post, goal 2, Paul Whitby drove into the D and pulled his shot back across the keeper into the far corner, goal 3 (the best of the lot), the ball was worked smartly across the pitch and out to Joel Withey on the right who stood up their full back, turned him inside out and fired the ball across the D and there at the back post again was Iwan to sweep the ball into the backboard.
But then, with minutes to go they had another breakaway and their forward slipped the ball under Colin Izzard and as it trickled slowly towards the line, none of the defenders could get a stick on it and the ball crossed the line at about 2 mph.
So 3-3, no, not a fair result (as everybody usually says in the case of a draw), this is one we could have won, but the gods of hockey conspired against us.
Man of the Match – Joel Withey, a very confident performance, some great passing and a wonderful ball across for our 3rd goal. Other mentions for Jacob Whitby, who had another solid game.
Moment of the match - Colin Izzard volleying a ball from the middle of the D off the side of the pitch, a definite “Av’ it” moment (if you remember the John Smiths advert).