This time 2 weeks ago it appeared to many, that the M3s were looking down the barrel of Div 6, luckily nobody within the team had bothered listening to such scurrilous chatter,  so having taken 2 wins from the last two Saturdays, and with a strong whiff of Ralgex , 14 men and true journied to the Nobel Stadium with Wellsie having admitted waking at 4-50am with excitement / trepidation.

Those that have frequented  this pitch may recall the wind cuts you in two, as it was today but following the normal rousing expectations of Goodwin, we took to the pitch with strong heart , strong wind and the chance to take 6 points from the weekend.
First half, in a word , slick, good passing and working it wide down the wings played heavily in our favour, with good opportunities coming our way.  Stevenage where pinned down which lead to many near goal chances and a few short corners one  deftly injected by Goodwin and an even deftlier  (is that a word) strike by Wells GOAL. More pressure in the half with the faint whiff of another win, spurred more pressing play leading to another short which was again dispatched by Wells, but this time with what can only be described as the merest of follicular touches for a claim by Goodwin - OVERULED
The Third goal can only be described as Sublime, which is fitting for a majestic single handed goal from Paul “The dribbler” Dubenski taken towards the goal line silkily faking the keeper and making the acutist of reverse stick angles to roll the ball  over the line, leaving Doobie to run a well deserved half length of the pitch celebration (which would have taken its toll on him)  It is the writers view that this was the best goal scored by the M3s this season.
So into the break jubilant at 3-0 , and then it happened , in the week of Cheltenham our very own gold cup champion, Wells, pulls up in mid gallop with a serious hammy twinge and leaves the field of play to enable him to  hopefully fight another day.
This had a strange affect on team structure and even with the benefit of rolling subs, we lost our way big time,  with the St Evenage assault on  our line taking place with unnerving regularity  with the defence having to face at least 6 or seven shorts in close succession.  Luckily only one being  conceded from a deflection off  a defenders stick.
So 3-1 it was, entering what seemed to be the last 176 minutes. We did what had to be done and with only a handful of counter attacks and half a dozen (what the writer has been told)  reasonable saves by the now hoarse keeper , we pulled off a result we could only dream of - 9 points in our last 3 games.
A game of great  team work mixed with some lovely moments of individual class and the luxury of subs .
There will be many a hot bath been taken tonight
Thanks must go to our travelling fanbase of Rebecca and Miss Robbo x2
Up and onward for the last two games

Goals - Wells x2 - Dubenski
MOTM  Johnson
Goal of the season (so far ) Dubenski