Today the Mens 3s took on the top of the league side Luton under windy conditions. Fortunately, no storm in sight as predicted by BBC weather forecasters.

Berko got off to a quick start by scoring early in the first half courtesy of Mark Robinson who precisely rolled the ball under the keeper from a short corner. The lead was not to last long as Luton got a goal back pretty quick. Berko played a good passing game and created chances in the first half. Berko second goal came from open play assisted by Ben and scored by Ed. Luton started to get more aggressive and started playing a physical game. Short laps in Berko concentration lead to another Luton goal from a long ball down the middle 2-2. We fought back and got the lead once again from another short corner received by Ben on the edge of the D and passed to Nigel Edwards who shot from an acute angle with toby at a far post itching to poach the goal but like great sportsman he decided to chaperone the ball across the line… goal to Nigel 3-2 to Berko at the end of first half.
Half time talk was clear that Luton were just trying to bulldoze their way through us and we just have to keep our heads clear and draw the fouls to move up the pitch. So was the plan… Lutons third goal was a cracker albeit poor marking from Berko. Mark tried his level best to header the ball out but such was the ferocity of the shot that marks head nearly ended up in top corner along with the ball score tied.
We pushed to get the winner in the final quarter of the game that was countered by a tactical move from Luton to leave a player high up the field that stretched our back line. Luton continued with their long ball down the middle and got 2 counter goals in the dying moments of the game.
Final score 5-3 to Luton.