We started the week full of confidence, pleased that we had a full squad of players. It wasn’t to be.

Perhaps it was the thought of Hertford away at 4.30, or perhaps it was that someone’s other half had booked a weekend away in the beautiful surroundings of Derbyshire... one pulled out with an injury, you can’t do much about that, these niggles need to be treated carefully at this time of year, but I suspect that the main reason was that we needed to get the match report done straight after the game, and with a 4.30 start away, a good place to hide would be the 5ths... Pressure from the newsletter editor comes easily to Prentice, who cut his teeth years ago in fleet street, editing the”page seven Fella” ...
But what of our game? A well matched duel between two keen sides, with cunning and skill on show from both parties. Back and forth, up and down, over their heads, yes we had Wellsy the arial man, who found Joel on the first bounce on numerous occasions. But the champagne moment goes to Tupper, who took a self pass long corner, dribbled here and there, and back again until he found himself at the top of the D and aimed a perfect reverse upright flick into the top corner...it was reminiscent of a Clive Hicks special from 30 years ago...sheer class..
A few minutes later he found himself in the middle of a goal mouth tussle....bash! Goal, the solitary finger raised...2-0.
Half time came and we concluded that although we were two nil up, we couldn’t and shouldn’t rest on our laurels, take out the class effort, and its only one, take into account the four fine saves from Brett and reflect upon the true nature of the game.....so everything to play for in the next 35 minutes.
Give Hertford credit, they came out with all guns firing and soon reduced the deficit to one. This only spurred us on to good running hockey, passes going to the right man, a few more grenades from Wellsy and we were able to force a PF...to be fair I think that the umpire gave a sixteen, but Wellsy walked tall and persuaded their defender that it had hit his foot somewhere near the sideline I think.
To be honest, I think Wellsy awarded the PF, but that doesn’t matter now...
There were shouts from the sideline to let Tupper take it and get his hattrick, but these were put down to a manager of the fantasy team who had picked Tupper, and to be fair the flick went in like a missile, 3-1 and things were looking a bit more comfortable.  We were lifted and they were down, their attacks were met by Richard and Paul, there was to be no second goal for them, no hint of a look, they couldn’t hold onto the shirt tails of the running forwards, even when Iwan skidded himself into the astro again and again, the bloodied knees no defence of his ambition as he hit the backboard with a well aimed mishit...4-1.
It was nice to get Doobi back in the team, it’s still a debate whether it was a shot or a cross that drifted past the goal, either way he was unlucky not to feature on the scorecard.
So our thoughts go to next week, a home game....yea right...Aylesbury ff sake, a home game!  in a different county...but no one’s complaining, no one really cares, as long as we take eleven and come back with eleven that’s all that really matters...One last thought as we conclude, “Wellsy’s pretty quick” was a comment from the side line, “he’s never that quick when I ask him to do something at Home!” said Rebecca...oops.