Why do we always lose when we play at Stevenage!

We had the full complement of 16 players this week, John Baxter, Nick Cave, Brian De Mattos, Alfie Gardener, Dave Gardener, Alex Gilmore, Rhys Hanling, Colin Izzard, John King, Pete Kuipers, Ian O’Dell, Andy Prentice, Jackson Stuart, David Sutcliffe, Pete Walker, Alex Winwright & Uncle Tom Cobley & all, but it made no difference, if anything it made it more complicated, there were a couple of times we ended up with only 10 on the pitch!
It was a frustrating game, played mostly between the D’s, few chances being created at either end, we thought we had won a couple of short corners early in the half, but hadn’t, we thought they hadn’t won a couple of short corners near the end of the half but they had! One of those was brilliantly toed away by Pete W in goal, but he could do nothing from the subsequent 2 shorts which were both dispatched to the backboard. Our frustration led to a certain amount of feistiness within the midfield contingent, and we went into half time 2-0 down.
We kept switching things around in the second half, and everybody gave 100%, but still nothing to show for it (apart from another couple of injuries, both Dave’s this time), we did finally get a couple of short corners, but nothing came of those, they got one themselves & scored from it to go 3-0 up, & that’s how it stayed.
Not our best performance, but MoM went to Pete Walker, closely followed by Pete Kuipers. Let’s move on to next week and not dwell on why we always lose when we play at Stevenage!