The weather couldn’t spoil this trip to Hertford for the men’s 2’s and we were keen to play. Always a big ask, as it was only heroics from our 1s last year that saw Hertford fail to earn promotion out of this league on the last day of the season. Ha ha ha.

They are unbeaten this year and that was to remain the case. 7 1 doesn’t really tell the story so I will.   At half time we were 3 0 down, when the ladies threes arrived en masse after refreshments, having thrashed Hertford 3 0 In the slot before us. We had supported them for 20 minutes and witnessed some fine performances. Pity the same couldn’t be said for the men’s 2’s. Well, that’s a bit unfair, there were some patches and passages of good play and we made a couple of chances but the more Hertford passed and moved and passed and moved And then scored! The more we countered by running into contact and losing the ball and making Long speculative passes. Both Payton and Johnson were sent off in soft circumstances by the Hertford umpires. Berko scored their one goal from a short corner that was converted by Tom Vila - cleanly smashing the ball over the line from 4 inches. A hint of a comeback? Not really. So the final result was a 7-1 defeat. We decided the fines pot would be cancelled this week as that could only add insult to Injury, but agreed to continue with plonker of the day. Payton was voted almost unanimously much to his disgust and notion that several were far more deserving. They shall remain nameless but they know who they are.