A two goal fightback that earnt a point against a strong St Albans team certainly wasn’t a bad way to start 2018 for the Men’s 3s.

The start of the day saw the Goodwyns swap salopetts for shinpads and ended with the Berko forward line holding banjos next to a pristine barn door, yet the game produced many positives to take forward into the second half of the season.
A penalty flick was awarded against the Berkhamsted defence, only for dancing Johnson to watch the effort dribble wide past his post. Alas, this seemed to be the dress rehersal as the umpire ordered for the flick to be retaken, which the much-relieved St Alban tangerine dispathched clinically.
At 1-0 down it’s always important to keep it tight, on the chance an opposition mistake is made that could even things up. Sadly the post-christmas Berkhamsted boys decided this wasn’t as important as admiring the rapid St Albans winger fly towards to the back post and convert a well drilled counter attack to double their lead, leaving the 3s facing down the barrell of a 0% win record for 2018.
Nevertheless, Goodwyn Wencheslas had other ideas. The captain supremo stroked home a reply minutes before halftime, with the Berkhamsted side beginning to control possession through the box to box, Tesla-like motors of Redman and Edwards. A half time team talk rallied troops, as Berkhamsted looked to claw their way back into an open game.
Midway through the second half a spiretely Goodwyn pivotted and wrong-footed the goalkeeper with an adept shot from the top of the D, sending the five-strong home crowd into raptures and calls for a winner. The game’s close saw Berko emerge from their Christmas slumber as the team created chances aplenty, perhaps with some still feeling the affects of New Years Eve as balls eluded the St Albans goal on countless occasions.
While the opposition had counter attack chances of their own volition, the game ended all square at 2-2. The draw from a sticky position was a good result for Berko, and if this style of play continues the team will soon clamber its way up the slippery slope of Division 5 SW. certainly helped by having  the full squad on parade and effectively using our subs throughout
MOM: Nigel Edwards