With Captain Goodwyn out from too much Apres skiing - ouch my Achilles hurts!! and Lieutenant Kaup out with a hangover - ouch my ankle hurts!!  Sgt Webb arose from off his sofa like a phoenix arises from the ashes.

Barking orders and whipping the team into some sort of shape - possibly a blob. Whilst he was hounding us, as though he does it for a living, the team hatched a plan.
Cheshunt came out strong and put us under pressure from the off, we rallied and fought back to get some penalty corners. Finally we came good and Dawood slotted one past on the keepers left. A well executed short corner. Cheshunt's heads dropped a little and we were able to slot another past the defence. The keeper even gave Dawood a second chance which he eagerly accepted with a lifted shot again to the keepers left.
2-0 at half time.
Cheshunt lit a fire in their half time chat and came out strong. They caught the defensive line napping and slotted two past a rather pissed off Johnson, who otherwise had a great game. Berko lifted their heads and pilled the pressure back on with the engine room, Casey, Iqbal, Peachey and Redman, going at maximum revs. Making penetrating runs to get the ball to Purkiss, Robinson and Payton. The effort paid off and Payton popped it over the keeper into the back of the net 3 - 2.
Berko kept the pressure on, with Casey running hard and exposing the holes in the Cheshunt defence. Redman capitalised on a great pass across the goal to beat the keeper 4 - 2.
With a few tense moments the defensive line of Edwards, Jager, Saleem, Webb and Moorhouse held firm. A well deserved 4-2 win. Not the prettiest of hockey on the day but certainly the most effective, especially against a team 3 places higher on the table. MOM went to Archie Casey.