Berko 3s lined up on a dark and damp day against Bishop Stortford.

Starting quickly berko played the ball around and down the right hand side with Peachey sending the ball across the d to Robbo who quickly slotted it away. 1-0.
Berko were playing well for the first 10 minutes passing the ball round with several chances but none put away. After the initial period the play changed with Bishop Stortford getting a few chances and one which was well stopped on the line by Sal with his foot, the umpire originally missed this and after cries from Stortford gave the p-flick seconds before the ball ended up in the net from open play. The player sent Johnson the wrong way and the ball was in the net. 1-1.
Berko went back to playing the ball around and with some impressive runs by Wallis. Winning several short corners and a good strike by Dawood which took a deflection off the defender on the line hearing cries from Stortford of high ball but the goal stood.
Berko scored again very quickly with Wallis taking the ball around the back, around the keeper, and striking the ball against the back board. 3-1.
With the momentum with berko now the push came and a series of short corners, which the last one was slipped from Dawood to Wallis and back to Dawood who crashed it into the goal. 4-1.
The whistle called the end of the first half with berko leading 4-1.
A quick response for Bishop Stortford in the second half led way to 4-2 and another p-flick in the net 4-3. Frustrations were high as berko weren’t playing the way they were or wanted to and the umpiring led to high tempers and a yellow for Wallis. Another goal took it to 4-4 and berko pushed hard and had a couple of chances with short corners being saved and with this pressure Bishop Stortford has a counter and slotted it in. 4-5. A very frustrating game, the first half deserved a win, the second half deserved to loose!