Despite the gloomy weather and grey sky’s, We faced our match against potters bar determined to bring home a victory.

Our last few games results have been relatively underwhelming so a win was guaranteed to not only boost our morale as a team, but to pull us up the ranks of the league.
The match started brilliantly with fantastic interplay between the midfield which allowed our attack to relentlessly pierce through the defence like a pack of cheaters on the hunt in the African plains. Not only that but our defence was equally as strong, They were a brick wall made up of Mark Johnson, Rick Kaup , Paul Krafft, John Below and Hunt. (unfortunately Bric wasn’t playing which would have made that metaphor a whole lot funnier)
As a result of this brilliant play we managed to put away 5 solid goals within the first half scored by Steve Redman, a lovely touch over the keeper. Ben Moorhouse, a powerful hit from the right side of the D into the bottom left corner. Dawood, a straight strike from a short and finally Paul Dubenski, chipping the ball past the keeper with a deflection.
The second half was sure to be difficult as we knew that potters bar were going to be coming back looking for some goals. A combination of strong defence and constant pressure from the midfield and attack allowed us to keep our position resulting in a goaless second half. Final score 5-0 to Berko.
Thanks to everyone for their great performance and another win.